Jimmy Smith might not be back in the ring any time soon, but that doesn't mean we aren't seeing a lot of him, according to the Free Bet website!

Yes, we miss him in the ring, but thankfully we have the TV Show 'American Ninja' to get our Jimmy Smith-fix.

Returning for the third series next week, Smith co-hosts it, and is impressed by the number of entrants, and at how skilled they are compared to the first series! He has a tip for all competitors - practice the Jump hang!

"Well I got to say there’s always something every year that separates the people that can - that are just kind of getting through it to those that are real contenders. And I think it was the Jump Hang this year. If you got past that you had a good chance of finishing the course. That seemed to be the kind of dividing line."

"When someone was just kind of lucking their way through it, the jump hang is the one that stopped them or slowed them down so badly they weren’t contenders."