Beth Phoenix is quite agitated these days and has clearly made her agitations quite obvious. She has used a number of social forums to speak out her mind where she clearly states that she has not been happy and contented.

The reason being that she is unable to make her presence felt in the WWE matches. Most of the Diva matches these days are usually shortened and the results are declared quickly. She feels like a Diva and wants to also make it prominent in the ring as well. There are a number of ways in which she wants to make her presence felt and one of the most important and basic ways is going through a considerable interesting fight.

Beth Phoenix has repeatedly posted and tweeted saying that the WWE federation officials are giving her and the other divas of her stature a chance to prove their worth in the ring and are made to sit back most of the time. This has also gone down badly with the fans who would love to see these Divas fight. There have been rumors also that the WWE officials are probably planning to shut down the entire business if having the Diva fights and if this is true then Beth definitely has quite a number of reasons to complain.

Beth Phoenix needs to restore back the craze and importance that once used to exist in the lives of each of these Divas. Wrestling is about show of skill talent and attracting a large fan base with these skills. Wrestling has become more of an entertainment spree and each of these Divas is losing their importance in the industry.

Beth Phoenix has taken the right step to show her worth and ensure that a large mass of people eventually get to know the main reason for her being sidelined currently. Her tweets go on to say that there are many who really want to know why is she not participating in the matches taking place currently and her tweets have given the right feedback.

After all, why should she lose her fan base which she has thrived so hard to create and let it go down the drain so easily. There are a number of ways where people can suddenly lose interest in their fans and each wrestler needs to take care of these details.