Alistair Overeem has just made his debut on the New Year’s Eve of 2011. He played his debut wrestling match against one of the greatest player Brock Lesnar. Out of everyone’s surprises, Alistair was quite successful in winning the K1 World Grand Prix Championship after defeating Lesnar.

Lesnar was a very experienced player but, still Ocereem managed to knock him down with strong knees and kicks. He was very swift and played with beautiful techniques which led him to win the title. He dogged Lesnar with stand up assault and used his right hand to the head of Lesnar to chop him down to win a 2:26 at the first round. After this match Alistair is looking very comfortable.

In his present interviews, Alistair said that he is getting ready for his next fight which is against Junior Dos Santos. Santos is different type of wrestler and he also said that he is quite comfortable of winning this particular title after dogging down Dos Santos. Overeem has a typical technique of hard hitting his opponents, which is said to be a very strong point in the world of wrestling.

When a comparison came between Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos, Alistair said that both the wrestlers are experienced and powerful. But Lesnar is more powerful than Santos whereas Santos has got various game plans inside the wrestling ring.

Alistair seems to be very confident about the particular that will be held on May 26. It is the main event of 146 UFC and will be held at MGM Grand Arena which is located is Las Vegas. Alistair said that it is the hard training, concentration and different game plans which will help him to beat Junior Dos Santos easily. Moreover, the fans are getting ready to witness the particular match.