MacDonald wants revenge on Carlos Condit

Rory MacDonald has stated in a recent media appearance that the fire from his embarrassing loss to the former interim UFC Welterweight champion Carlos Condit in June 2010 still burns within him and he added that the urge for revenge against The Natural Born Killer still burns from within.

MacDonald is getting ready to face former two division UFC champion BJ Penn in December and he believes after that match, he will be handed a fight against Nick Diaz. However, the youngster has stated that his preferred opponent is Condit, hands down.

Carlos Condit failed to get the better of the UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre during their title bout at UFC 154 recently but he pushed the Canadian to the limit, demonstrating exactly how good he actually is. MacDonald and GSP are team mates at Tri-Star Gym but the performance of Condit keeps him amongst the top contenders in the 170 lbs weight category without any doubt.

The only match that the youngster has lost in his Mixed Martial Arts career came against Condit when he completely dominated him for over two rounds before a brutal punch knocked him out just seven seconds before the final bell would have sounded. Although the match won the Fight of the Night honors, MacDonald would trade that honor for a rematch any given day.

Speaking to ESPN, MacDonald stated that Condit is one of the fighters he respects the most, adding that both his outlook and attitude towards the sport is brilliant. However, he added that he embarrassed in that fight against Carlos Condit and he wants a rematch against him so that he can show to the world that he is good at what he does and also wants revenge for the embarrassment that he felt during the fight that night.