Junior Santos Undergoes Knee & Nose Surgeries

Fans of Junior Santos who have been worried about the UFC star’s injuries lately can finally heave a sigh of relief. Santos has recently undergone knee & nose surgeries & both the operations have been really successful.

The erstwhile heavyweight UFC star who won over Stipe Miocic on the basis of unanimous decision last December, was left with severe nose & knee injuries post the 25-minute bout. Both his nose & knee needed immediate surgeries. However, Santos, who himself had been worried about his poor health was relieved after the surgeries. It was the fighter himself who revealed news of his surgery success on the popular social media site Instagram.

“I would love to inform you that I has my nose and knee surgery recently & both of them went really well”, read Santos’ post on Instagram.

“There’re some people for who my simple thanks won’t be enough given their devoted assistance in my dire crisis but I would wish to convey my gratitude to my doctor Dr. Cohen & his entire team. Also I would love to thank Dr. Miranda & his team for helping me with my nose and of course Maria Vitoria, his daughter. Thank You!”

The UFC champion was down with a collateral lateral ligament tear in the right knee & had to undergo surgery for his deviated septum. According to further reports, Santos’ doctors have not offered any timetable for him to get back to his training. His injuries were pretty serious and hence it would take some time to regain enough strength to get back to training.

Dos Santos fought just once last year and bounced back to win column post suffering a TKO 5th round loss to the famous UFC champ Velasquez (Cain) in the previous bout. His UFC record shows 11-2.