Junior dos Santos wants Velasquez in Brazil

Just minutes after the conclusion of UFC 147, the authorities of Ultimate Fighting Championship made an announcement that it intends to take the promotion back to Brazil come October.

However, since the announcement was made, very little concrete has been mentioned regarding potential fights, but now, it seems that the fans of the UFC can throw the name of UFC Heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos into the mix of all the speculation. Cigano recently made it clear that he would love to fight in his native country and would also love to fight someone of the stature of Cain Velasquez.

Speaking to MMAJunkie.com, dos Santos stated that his next opponent or fight hasn’t been confirmed by the UFC and there have been no meetings about it as well. But he added that if he were to fight in Brazil when the company heads back there and was asked to fight against Cain Velasquez, it would make him very happy. Junior dos Santos claimed that he wants a fight in Brazil and he wants a fight against Velasquez, which he believes will be a very good fight.

With Alistair Overeem out of contention as he serves his nine month ban for the use of performance enhancing drugs, Velasquez is a clear contender for the UFC Heavyweight Championship currently held by dos Santos. And although Overeem recently called out dos Santos, claiming that he was afraid to get into the ring with him, the Brazilian has been dying to find an opponent to fight against.

According to sources close to Junior dos Santos, a fight against a fighter of the stature of Cain Velasquez will be a huge fight and if the Brazilian can show some of his tricks in the match, it will undoubtedly put an end to Overeem and his trash talking for some time.