Junior Dos Santos Promotes Upcoming Fight

Junior Dos Santos is definitely in a good place right now and that is evident from recent posts about him having become a father recently.

He states that his fatherhood makes it motivating for him to train harder and he looks forward to coming back home every day to spend time with his son. There is an upcoming fight between Junior Dos Santos and Stipe Miocic but the promotions are not bitter and harsh between the two fighters as it is usually between two fighters who are promoting an upcoming fight. There have been Instagram posts that show a playful and positive relationship between the two fighters. They have been recently on a promotional tour in the headliner event coming up for UFC 211. The promotions show how playful is the two fighters and the amiable nature of their relationship is unmistakable.

There have been few interviews, portraits being drawn and flex offs carried out as part of the promotion. There have also been occasional dance moves and barbeque competitions where both the challengers can be seen together. There have been respectful messages being posted between Ryan Marie Miocic, Stipe’s husband and Dos Santos, despite both being opponents in the upcoming fight. Dos Santos wrote that it would be an honor to compete against Ryan Marie’s husband, Stipe whom he considers a true champion while Ryan wrote on behalf of her husband. The fighters were there to promote the UFC 211 event in Texas. The event would be held here at the American Airlines center located in Dallas on May 13th. There would be pay per view airs of the event along with prelims at the UFC Fight Pass and FSI. The two fighters also attended a clippers game where they showed off guns respectively as part of the event promotion.