Junior Dos Santos banks on support from fans and family

Junior Dos Santos has been kept out of action owing to an injury to his hand for quite some time now. However he seems to be recovering from the injury and is looking forward to comeback strongly. He has undergone surgery and is taking the rehabilitation program very seriously. What is of utmost importance is his will power and determination to return. The current champion Cain Velasquez can be expecting some serious competition from Junior Dos Santos in the recent future. The Brazilian has always been a favorite with the crowd. They have enjoyed watching him take down some fierce opposition with his great skills and abilities.
Junior Dos Santos has recently made a move to Nova Uniao. But he has been put to some criticism for this. The camp has produced legends over the years in UFC but it mostly involves athletes in lighter weight categories. However Dos Santos is confident of his chances of making it big from here. The camp and the people associated with it are also putting in some extra effort in order to get him back in good shape and make him fit to fight some strong opponents. The greatest motivation that Dos Santos can have is obviously support from his fans. The professional fighters feed on the support they receive from their fans and it is no different for this man. The Brazilian superstar is up for the challenge. He is surely going to be making a mark if everything falls into place. The boxing world is looking forward to his awesome moves and tackles. The present training camp will help him become even more athletic and agile. The player is also blessed to have a supportive family and group of friends behind him for support at every crucial juncture of his life.