Karate is a famous martial art that involves various moves and techniques. Every student who wants to become a great fighter should practice martial arts. A Karate fighter can gain advantage over his opponents if he learns and follows some important Karate fighting tips - the most important Karate fighting tip is the proper Eye Contact.

Importance of the Eye Contact
Eye contact is the most important tip to become a superior fighter. Continuous eye contact will help you to understand how tough your opponent could be. Without proper eye contact, you will not be able to predict what could be the next move of your opponent. Eye contact can help you to know your opponent, and it can help your opponent to know you. Eye contact will help you to understand that how confident your opponent is, and it will also help your opponent to understand your confidence level.

How to send a false message to the opponent through eyes?
You should check the confidence level of your opponent but do not let your opponent to analyze your confidence level. It can be easier to beat the opponent if he is not taking you seriously, and this could happen if you send a false message to your opponent through eyes. It should not look from your eyes that you are fearless. It should not look from your eyes that you are confident. You should look at your opponent in such a manner that he feels you to be weaker in the fight. If such thing happens, then the opponent will be less active in the fight, and you can take advantage of it.

Start fighting with full force in such a way that all the pre calculations of the opponent go wrong, and he does not get time to recover. The confidence level of the opponent will go down from the beginning, and this will give you an advantage throughout the fight.