Dos Santos has his Eyes Set on Overeem

Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos is getting ready for a double assault at the end of this year. The Brazilian is slated to defend his title against the former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.

However, he has his eyes firmly trained on Alistair Overeem, the former Strike Force Heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem. Overeem was slated to receive his first title shot in the promotion back in UFC 146, before being sanctioned with a 9 month ban for doping.

The sanction period comes to a close on the 27th of December, once Overeem has got bored of playing the online casinos, and got himself back to full fitness. In spite of his best efforts, the UFC did not want to wait to confirm a match between him and Junior dos Santos for UFC 155, scheduled for the 29th of December. And that seemed to have gone to his head with The Demolition Man calling out the Brazilian, even going as far as commenting that he was afraid to face him.

And that is something that hasn’t gone down well with one of the most dominant forces in the division. The Brazilian lobbied for his title defense to be against Overeem so that he could teach him some manners, but with the UFC adamant that he will have to fight Velasquez, who was due a rematch for the title, he finally gave in. However, that doesn’t mean all is forgotten and dos Santos is already looking beyond the match against Velasquez on the 29th of December.

He has even met Joe Silva, the match maker of the UFC who has agreed to pit Junior dos Santos after each overcome their respective opponents before. And with the Brazilian in such a mood before his upcoming bout, it will only serve Overeem right if he manages to rectify his behavior and his attitude towards him.