Chael fired from UFC & FOX Sports broadcasting .

Drug controversies seem to be a fixture for Chael Sonnen but this time it was quite a nasty blow for him. His latest failure report on random drug test from NAC has deeply stirred both FOX Sports & UFC leading to the fighter’s sacking from the broadcasting positions.

The report came on 5th June and it was the 2nd time that the erstwhile UFC fighter failed on drug test. His earlier disappointing experience with drug happened by the last week of May which even led to the retirement of the 3 time famous title challenger.

UFC & FOX released joint statement yesterday with the announcement of the termination of UFC Tonight host.

“FOX Sports and UFC have announced about severing all broadcasting services contracts with analyst Sonnen”, said one of the top sources from UFC. “This decision is the result of the former fighter’s failure at 2nd drug test that was conducted by NAC for the banned substances last June.
Chael was earlier under a temporary suspension as per NAC orders given his failure at the initial test last May.”

The 3 time famous title challenger had failed in 3 drug tests overall in his entire MMA career. His first ever failure in drug test occurred post his 2010 Oakland title combat against Silva (Anderson).

After that test failure, Chael was put on suspension by athletic commission of California but then he somehow managed to reduce his suspension successfully through false statements at the hearing.

Since then, it became a trend for the fighter to provide misleading & false statements to free himself from the guilt whenever he is being charged with allegations of taking to long-banned substances. This time, however, he is still forward any declaration regarding the termination of broadcast contract with UFC & FOX Sports