Anderson admits mistakes against Weidman

Anderson Silva may have lost his Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight Championship crown against Chris Weidman but he is ready to remind the world of Mixed Martial Arts why he was once considered and still is by many, as the greatest fighter in the history of the UFC as well as the sport as a whole.

The Brazilian was the most beloved icon in the combat sport but back in July, he found that invisible aura that surrounded him disappear as he came up short against a fighter with a 9-0 record, who was touted as nothing more than a stepping stone for the Spider to extend his record in the promotion.

But Weidman proved to be a lot more than the Brazilian had bargained for. The youngster from New York shocked the world when he knocked out the Brazilian, taking advantage of a relatively error prone Anderson in the early exchanges of the fight.

And Anderson admitted that he had made basic mistakes during that fight against Weidman. According to the Spider, the mistakes he made against Weidman were basic mistakes, adding that he did everything he had to do except hit his opponent. He mentioned that he didn’t counter attack as well. When he had the chance to hit him and go back a step, he didn’t do that. Anderson also mentioned that he has seen his mistakes on tape and he has worked on those.

Silva takes on the American again at UFC 168 at the end of this month, and according to Silva, the fight won’t last long if it keeps standing. And with the grappling skills of Weidman, he would do well to take the fight to the ground and it would seem a miracle if he manages to stand and deliver against a legendary striker like Anderson again.